All I want is a drag and drop!

The past week we have heard from a few of our Citizen Journalists that the Microsoft Surface Go tablets are acting up again and not letting people drag and drop the bubbles on the triads. Last time, we recommended to download an older version of Firefox.
We have another fix that follows similar steps. Below are the instructions from our tech support team at CPPR:
“I was able to get SenseMaker to work on a older version of Firefox. Version 59.0b9. You can download that version here: Once installed and once you go to the SenseMaker site, you can double click the measuring tools to be able to drag them. Uninstall the current version of Firefox that you have by searching Control Panel in the Start Menu, then selecting Uninstall a Program in the lower right corner. From there you can search Firefox to uninstall. Please note, that this version of FireFox is not supported by Mozilla nor is it receiving security updates. I would strongly encourage that users only use this version of the browser for using SenseMaker.
To ensure that Firefox doesn’t update, follow the directions below:

In October, we will be releasing a new version of the SenseMaker Collector to better suit ongoing story collection for monitoring Community Action Labs across the state. We hope that the new collector will fix many of these issues. Thanks to all our story collectors for sticking with it in the meantime! With your efforts we have collected almost 1000 stories in 7 weeks!
Please email if you have any questions.