Every week Our Tomorrows will release a scan of interesting trends and stories that have been shared with us. Decision-makers in Kansas will be using your input to help shape the state’s response to COVID-19, so take a look and let us know what you see!


Sections include: 

Food for Thought: This section is a collection of interesting observations from our analysts as well as common themes found in the stories. These observations and themes are intended to encourage readers to share what they think the patterns could mean and provoke innovative brainstorming.

Low Hanging Fruit: Information shared in this section comes from stories that contain descriptions of common problems that decision-makers can move on quickly.  
Emerging Patterns: This section is intended to show the interesting patterns forming when people interpret and find meaning in their own experiences. This includes patterns forming in triads, dyads, and stones.  
Sampling: This is a brief overview of who has shared stories thus far, including relevant demographic information.  
General Story Pack: These are the stories that provide the information contained within the “Food for Thought” section of the scan. Additionally, they provide a general overview of the stories people are sharing.  
Emergent Needs Story Pack: This section includes a sample of the stories that inform the “Emerging Patterns” section of the scan and establish the context of the patterns 

Click the Image below to view this week’s Scan:

Our Tomorrows Weekly Scan