In late 2019, Our Tomorrows launched the first iteration of Community Action Labs in partnership with service providers, community champions, and Kansas youth. Community Action Labs are a collection of local projects called Actionables, that seek to create positive changes based on themes in families’ experiences that were uncovered at Community Sensemaking Workshops. Each of these community-specific actions is guided by lived experiences of Kansans and represents an innovative way to test and support new ideas.
Our Tomorrows partners are currently implementing 46 Actionables statewide. In just two months, these locally-driven initiatives have made a big splash in their communities and are showing signs of growing momentum, engagement, and positive change. Watch the video below for an exciting update on Community Action Lab progress, what our partners have learned so far, and ways to get involved. Each of us can make a difference for Kansas families!
This update was originally presented on January 29, 2020 during the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund’s bi-weekly webinar, Strengthening Early Childhood in Kansas. Learn more about the Children’s Cabinet here.
Watch the video below!