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Citizen Journalist

What is a Citizen Journalist?

Our Tomorrows Citizen Journalists invite people in their community to share an anonymous story about a time when their family thrived, or simply survived. Respondents enter their own stories into a Citizen Journalist’s tablet or through the Our Tomorrows website.

Who can become a Citizen Journalist?

Anyone. Everyone. YOU! We want Citizen Journalists from different ages and stages, backgrounds and interests. We are especially eager to enlist those whose voices aren’t often heard.

Citizen Journalists are…


I teach high school and see how critical it is to have the right community services for youth, like mental health counseling.

Community leaders or volunteers

I’m a volunteer at a local food bank and want to better understand the root causes of food insecurity in my town.

Parents & families with children

My 2-year-old daughter has special needs, and I want her to have the support she needs to succeed in kindergarten.


I’m pursuing a career in social work and am excited to get some experience identifying a community’s strengths and opportunities.

Become an

Organizational Partner

What is an Organizational Partner?

Our Tomorrows Organizational Partners help lay the groundwork for positive community change. They collect stories; network within the community; host community events and Sensemaking workshops; and help carry out small, locally-determined changes that, together, make a big impact.

Who can become an Organizational Partner?

We welcome organizations that are committed to their communities and a bright future. Partners that benefit from using Our Tomorrows are those that embrace the Community Sensemaking approach and use feedback to further their work and improve decision-making while planning programs and policies.

Organizational Partners are…

State Agencies

Story maps help uncover unheard voices, which can shape policies and programs to meet the needs of Kansans statewide.


Organizations both big and small get more connected with their community’s strengths and needs.

School Districts

What happens out ofschool affects what happens in school. Educators use Our Tomorrows to ensure students flourish wherever they are in their journey.

Coalitions & Networks

Shared Our Tomorrows data and principles align stakeholders to serve a wide range of people and places.

We’ll Set You Up for Success 

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Ongoing Support

Join these organizations and people collecting stories in your local area.