Every day, we hear stories of resilient families that have bounced back from great challenges.

Stories of hope…and stories of struggle. Through these stories we are gathering nuggets of wisdom about the ways in which things could, and should, be going better…to make OUR TOMORROWS brighter.

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Parents, children, aunts, uncles, partners – all of us have families, and all of us have something important to share about our lives and interactions. We know there’s much to be learned from all kinds of stories, with all kinds of outcomes. We’re hopeful that the stories we collect will be used to shape policy and programming decisions in your community and across the country. Through OUR TOMORROWS, you get the opportunity to share and reflect, and we get to hear your unique perspective. Using a story-based research tool called SenseMaker, we will examine the patterns and stories in-depth, allowing us to gain new understanding about what families need to thrive. Your contribution to the story collection will make a difference.

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Go to bit.ly/OurTomorrows Share a story, only a couple of sentences are needed. It’s similar to a Facebook or Twitter post.

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What’s New

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Our Tomorrows Support: Tablet Touchscreen Fix

Dear Our Tomorrows Partners, Our team has made a push to ensure that all of our organizational partners, community champions, and citizen journalists have the resources they need to collect stories. We have recently become aware of a technical problem with the...

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Counting Stories

The Our Tomorrows project operates from three guiding principles: right intention, reciprocity, and inclusion. I'll write a full blog post about this in the upcoming weeks. For now, let’s focus on reciprocity. Reciprocity means that the effort partners have made to...

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Welcome to the Our Tomorrows Blog!

It’s Friday, April 26 and the Our Tomorrows project has collected 750 stories about times when families were thriving or just surviving. When the Center for Public Partnerships and Research started this project a year ago, we set a lofty goal of hearing 1000...

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Join us for a Community Sensemaking Workshop

From March through August 2019, Our Tomorrows is hosting 10 – 15 Community Sensemaking Workshops across the state of Kansas to make sense of Our Tomorrows data and inform Community Action Labs. During the workshops, we will discuss assumptions, make sense of patterns, and uncover themes and opportunities for change.

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